Communities and organizations that value diversity:

  • Honor the perspectives and values of the individuals contributing to the whole-The Mosaic Principle
  • Create a culture of respect
  • Reduce conflict and increase trust
  • Foster collaboration and synergy
  • Set an example for the next generation
  • Maximize their available assets

Let's be real, does anybody LIKE diversity training or conversations about diversity?  For the upper-class White male, it's torture.  They are likely braced and ready to be called a racist.  Everyone else is on the defensive expecting that any second someone will say something offensive. Some people think they know it all already.

What if we could learn to have respectful conversations, where we give one another the benefit of the doubt, where we truly listen and learn with open hearts and open minds?  Let's examine where those little hidden fears of one another come from.  

We will walk your workplace team or community group through the stages of the Mosaic Principle and learn about the seven R's.  Please visit the CONTACT US page to request a quote and start the conversation about how Project Mosaic can help you.