Joe Nelson is an Organizational Optimization Specialist, focusing on customer relationship management and implementations.  He is also a professional Salesforce consultant, and a Certified Salesforce Administrator. 

For 5 years, he has delivered over 50 organizational projects to customers and organizations with up to 10,000 stakeholders or customers. He specializes in training and workflow optimization. Joe Nelson is especially good at meeting the express and implied needs of projects which require human understanding paired with technical expertise. He has also delivered over 100 successful projects in a broad range of environments as a Professional Project Manager for 10 years, and is adept at adopting the right solution to meet client needs.  Joe innately understands the complexities of motivating teams to work together.    

Joe can analyze the workflow of your organization and assess the efficiency of your management structure with objectivity.  He asks the tough questions your organization needs to determine in order to run more effectively.