Our team offers a variety of skills to strengthen your organization, community group, or institution of higher learning.  Our training, facilitation and consulting services include:  

  • Values based management principles
  • Business planning and marketing
  • Community building through creative and inclusive projects
  • Workplace diversity training
  • Conflict resolution facilitation
  • Values based leadership training
  • Organizational assessment
  • Tribal college board of trustees training
  • Tribal Self-Determination evaluation and consulting
  • Native American Education Equity training
  • Public Health including Native American Health Disparity training
  • Business planning and business strategy
  • Business case and business model development
  • Identify, profile, contact and manage potential partners, funders, and program supporters
  • Event planning, particularly fundraising focused
  • Project Mosaic's unique strategic planning process utilizing the Mosaic Principal and the 7 R's

Uniquely, many of our team members provide services traditionally offered to nonprofits and higher education institutions, such as strategic planning, board training, stakeholder engagement, and board of trustees training, with an innovative emphasis on Native American teaching and leadership principles.  

Our services are delivered utilizing the Mosaic Principal, to engage diverse stakeholders in making your organization, institution, or community group stronger and more effective.

Like building a mosaic, we can help  you identify the cracks, see the patterns, and make beautiful sustainable connections.