Strategic Planning with an Indigenous Mindset:

Most of our Strategic Planning clients are Nationally known Native American organizations. However, Non-Native American organizations can benefit from tackling their strategic plan by embracing Indigenous and Tribal Methodologies.  For example, groups across the world utilize the "Talking Stick" as a tool for respectful listening.  While we do not utilize this particular tool, it is an example of the value of Indigenous tools to diverse group settings. 

Our activities and processes are unique in that our facilitators are trained to conduct strategic planning activities with an Indigenous Mindset, which takes into account the cultural values of the organization.  

Our team building and ice breaker exercises align the hearts and minds of the group, by acknowledging how we are all connected in many ways, which is an Indigenous principal known to the Lakota as Mitakuye Oyasin.  

Our Mission and Vision process calls upon the teachings of Sankofa, the bird from the Akan tribe of Ghana.  Sankofa symbolizes the need for all of us to acknowledge and learn from the past in order to ensure a strong future.  

Whether your group or organization needs help with strategic partnerships, action planning, an analysis of the organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), or all of the above, Project Mosaic facilitators will do so with a Native American approach that will leave your team feeling empowered and ready for action.