Tribal College Board of Trustees Training:

The Project Mosaic team includes Richard Williams, MA, who served as President and CEO of the American Indian College Fund for 15 years.  As the leader of a national nonprofit organization that raised private support for all 32 tribal colleges and universities in the United States, Williams understands the complexities of leading a higher education institute, and working within a sovereign tribal nation with their own values, priorities, and requirements.


Project Mosaic can provide higher education board of trustees training for tribal colleges across the country.  Although training for trustees is very complex, our two day session includes a compete review of Higher Education compliance.  

The team also is equipped to review recent audits, by-laws, institutional policies and the charter and resolutions used to created the Institution, to customize the training specifically for your TCU.  Trustees need a complete understanding of their roles and responsibilities at both the micro level and at the macro level.  Our two day training will help your board understand their roles in the processes.  

The Project Mosaic Tribal College Compliance Training is unique in that the team has a wide breadth of experience in nonprofit consulting and business, and tremendous depth due to Williams' personal work with TCU's.  

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